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Welcome to Half Full Psychiatry. Services provided include office based buprenorphine/suboxone treatment, ADHD specific medication management, as well as for depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Our client population includes adolescent ages 12 years and up, as well as adults. HIPAA compliant tele-psychiatry services available from the convenience of your home.

Human potential is infinite. At times we paint a pessimistic narrative for self, preventing us from functioning at an optimum level. Please reach out to us if you are tired of that narrative and ready for a change. Contact us at 860-251-9713 or click here to email Amer Nabil, PMHNP-BC to schedule your appointment.

Fees & Insurance: We are currently accepting Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna. Otherwise, clients are expected to pay out of pocket. Payment can be made by cash or credit card.



Reviews on Amer Nabil, PMHNP-BC:


Lawrence J. Peacock, MD, Psychiatrist. 
Vice Chair, Prospect Manchester Hospital Psychiatry

          "Mr. Nabil is a provider that brings great enthusiasm, a strong empathetic orientation, and an integrated approach to all of clinical encounters by utilizing cutting edge psychopharmacology and brain based psychotherapy. Therefore, I am pleased to recommend him and to have him as a colleague."

Kavetha Sundaramoorthy, MD, Psychiatrist (Mind Bloom Psychiatry)

Walden Inpatient Eating Disorders Unit

 "Amer and I have been colleagues for several years and I've been consistently inspired by his knowledge and professionalism. He is dedicated to his patients and always strives to provide them with compassionate, state of the art care."

Drew Kronk, LCSW 
Lead Clinician, Prospect Manchester Hospital Emergency Psychiatric Services

"I have had the pleasure of working with Amer Nabil for the past 6 years and have known him in several capacities including direct nursing care of psychiatric patients, as a charge nurse and most recently as an APRN on a busy Behavioral Health Service. Amer is among the best up and coming, new generation prescribers in the area. His knowledge and training position him to provide innovate behavioral health care. Amer's personal approach, most current knowledge of psychiatric medications, brain based psychotherapies and community resources provide him with the ability to provide his patients with symptom relief and development of new coping strategies to manage their illness. Amer's easy manner and genuine style make him a good fit for almost all who come into his care"


Bethann Baer, RN, Psychiatry
Prospect Manchester Hospital Inpatient Psychiatry

"Amer had a couple of important life goals he wanted to achieve when we first met, and after getting to know him, it was no surprise that he succeeded working through many obstacles in his way. He is intelligent, empathic, honest, kind, self-deprecating, and wise beyond his years. His education and life experience has prepared him well to guide those in need of setting and achieving life goals or redirecting one's course in life"